A Long Day – But A GOOD One

Took this photo in the 4th quarter of the Bell Game as members of our defense were leaving the field. They spent a lot of time on the field on Saturday, one of the things I always worry about.  (But remember, I’m an out-of-work fighter pilot and not a football coach!)

However tired they may have been, if anything they were stronger in the 4th quarter…stronger.

The 4th quarter…it’s a time when talent, training, and knowledge are important but guts and heart reign supreme…and these guys had it all. 

Jeff Birk – 40 and Counting

That’s Jeff Birk, Class of 1974.  The 2009 Bell Game will be his 40th Bell Game in a row…40 of them…and he’s been there in person for every one. 

I failed to check his overall won-loss record before posting this but…well…it just doesn’t matter.

Many thanks to Greg Birk, Jeff’s brother, for the note.






Blog #984 – 16 more to go!

Scott Crawford – Is That You?

Scott Crawford, director of the Schroeder Center for Career Development, was filling a unique role last Saturday. Scott helped out with the football game as a home team "football supply manager", an official North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) position, as you can see.  .

Seriously, Scott answered the call for help as our usual group of volunteers was otherwise occupied.  

Thanks Scott!

Veteran's Day

Veterans Day.  Thanks to all of you who have served or are serving.

One of the men wounded at Fort Hood was preparing for his fourth tour of duty in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Fourth tour.  Married.  Couple of kids.  

He isn’t doing it for the salary, believe me.

BTW – Jet Noise Is The Sound of Freedom


Reece Collins In The News

Reece Collins, Class of 2004, got his post-college start in politics in Southern Indiana.  In just a few short years he’s found himself in the nation’s capital and the national spotlight, just like Jeremy Bird, Class of 2000.  Reece and Jeremy differ on their parties of choice but both are dedicated and talented young men.

For the piece on Reece, click here.

Thanks to Jefferson Crew, Class of 2005, for sending in the news link.

Thanks To HDNet

So…in the midst of all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Monon Bell game, we sometimes forget how far we’ve come in the last several years in terms of the Bell Game Telecast.  There was a time when…we relied on some "smoke and mirrors" to get the telecast out to our regional areas.  In the aftermath of each game, we used to track how many sites received the game and how many watched a test pattern.  I recall a five page email from one telecast site explaining my very limited mental capacity…but that’s another story.

This week the 116th Monon Bell game will be telecast nationwide in well over 60 sites – you can see the map here.  We’re able to do that because Wabash and DePauw have a great working relationship with our friends at HDNet.

Thanks HDNet for your help in supporting the greatest rivalry there is in College Football.

Now, if we could just get GameDay….

Social Media Workshop – Underway!

That’s Ron Brown ’67 creating his new Facebook account while Brent Harris (r) walks him through the process.  Ron received two friend requests within a couple of minutes and was surprised at the high number of Wabash classmates (Class of 1967) who are already on Facebook.


Chris White – Chapel Talk

Chris White, Wabash’s First Lady, gave a Chapel Talk last week.  You can read the story here.  She did a superb job – relating her personal and professional experiences and weaving them into a solid cases supporting the benefits of a liberal arts education.

The other part is less clear on the surface, but certainly is there for all to see.  Chris White fervently believes in the role of Wabash College in educating young men.  Part of it, I think stems from the great experiences their daughters had at St. Mary’s College.  But even more, I think, comes from her first hand view of what she experiences, every day, here at Wabash.  Young men developing into leaders and world changers.