So…in the midst of all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Monon Bell game, we sometimes forget how far we’ve come in the last several years in terms of the Bell Game Telecast.  There was a time when…we relied on some "smoke and mirrors" to get the telecast out to our regional areas.  In the aftermath of each game, we used to track how many sites received the game and how many watched a test pattern.  I recall a five page email from one telecast site explaining my very limited mental capacity…but that’s another story.

This week the 116th Monon Bell game will be telecast nationwide in well over 60 sites – you can see the map here.  We’re able to do that because Wabash and DePauw have a great working relationship with our friends at HDNet.

Thanks HDNet for your help in supporting the greatest rivalry there is in College Football.

Now, if we could just get GameDay….