Trustees Join Football Team for Team Dinner

The team traveled to Chicago the evening before the football game with the University of Chicago.  On their trip, they stopped at the Topaz Cafe in Burr Ridge, IL., a short distance from the team’s hotel.  It was a fun evening as several Trustees and their spouses, as well as President and Mrs. White, joined the coaches and players for dinner.

After dinner, all world linebacker and current Trustee Jim Kilbane ’84 gave the team a pep talk.  It obviously worked!

Just a Friendly Picnic…for 300!

What do you call a family picnic with 300..or so…of your family?  You call it a Wabash College football tailgate!  It was an absolute blast!

Of course, we had twice as many people as we were expecting but to my knowledge everyone had more than enough to eat.

A lot of the credit goes to three people – Tom Whowell ’62 (in the Gordy’s shirt), his friend Jessie, and the lovely Carol Runge.  Tom and Jessie brought the "professional grade" tailgating grill and all the extras.  Carol, when the count went higher and higher, made sure we had enough food and a good variety as well.

Many thanks to all who made it work but especially to those three!

For additional tailgate photos by Howard Hewitt, click here.

930 and Counting

The Reed/Ohmer blog was #930 – this one won’t count.  When this started 4 years ago, I couldn’t envision getting to 50, let alone 1,000.  In that time, I’ve received 88 comments on the blog – an average of a little under 2 a month.  So, readership is an open question, to say the least!  I know there are 9 faithful readers (Carol, two sons, and 6 grandchildren – I make them look at it!)

88 comments, of course, does not not include all the offers for all sorts of personal help…

I plan to hit 1,000 entries – probably by Christmas.  As you know, if you read this, I already have written the last one.  It was published a little early – May 17, 2008 – but it’ll be the last one as well.

A promise is a promise.

Where this blog goes from there is up to you.  From a reader’s perspective, what would you like to see replace this blog?  What Wabash communication takes us to the next level?  More blogging? Twitter?  Facebook?  LinkedIn?  Let me know at  

Wabash Reunion in Mississippi

C. Davies "Dave" Reed ’85 (l), Associate Rector at St. Christophers Episcopal Church on the northside of Indianapolis, took a group of high school students on a mission trip to Bay St. Louis, MS this past summer.  During his tour of the camp he happened upon John Ohmer ‘84, the rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Leesbrug, VA.  John was also there with a youth group.  Of course, the two did what any Wallies would do – get those Wabash hats out and take a photo. 

Dave recounted to us that he and John were in several Philosophy and Religon classes together – a special memory is a seminar that met in Bill Placher’s office.

When we challenge our young men to go out and change the world, they do…in many, many ways.  This way is extra special.

The Fisher Clan At The Tailgate

Erin Melcher sent me this photo.  It’s at the Pre-Denison game tailgate this past Saturday.

That’s Jay Fisher ’66, Jake Fisher ’13, and Jake’s Dad (and Jay’s brother) Jeff Fisher ’76.  I know how much of a Sigma Chi Jay is so I asked about the Phi Psi shirt.  His reply told me that family is what’s important – Jake followed in his Dad’s footsteps by picking Phi Psi.

Doesn’t really matter – they’re all Little Giants!

And The Bench Was/Is Red!

I dropped by the senior bench last Saturday morning – I dropped by the night before but there was NO light for photos – not much better as you can see on Saturday!

Yes, the Phi Delt pledges had painted the bench and were, in some ways, standing (?!?) guard.  I asked them Friday night why they painted it.  Their answer? "Because it is always red before the first game."

Yes it is.

Collin Lanam '06 Joins Greyhound Staff

Collin Lanan, Class of 2006, recently joined the basketball coaching staff of the University of Indianapolis Greyhounds.  Collin made the move from the University of  Southern Illinois along with another assistant coach, Aundrey Wright.

Some of you may recall Collin working for Wabash as an admissions counselor before beginning his coach career in earnest.

You can see the full story here.  Good luck Collin!


How Many Different Times?

Most flying stories start with the line: "There I was…"  Well, my days of telling flying stories have diminished greatly but that’s the first thing I thought of when I took this picture.

"There I was" waiting for Chapel to begin yesterday when I caught sight of a conversation.  That’s Wabash President Pat White talking with Vic Powell H’55.  Vic is legend – any adjectives I could throw around here wouldn’t be enough.  Vic Powell H’55.  LEGEND.

Vic and Pat were lost in animated conversation.  The rest of the Chapel was busy with other things.  My mind kept thinking – how many times, with how many other Wabash leaders, have the little sidebar talks with Vic Powell happened?  Of our 15 Presidents, not including the acting ones and Vic stands tall as one of those,  Vic has been here during the tenure of 8 of them.  I would bet the two nickels I have in my retirement account that every single one of those Presidents, at one point or another, had at least one similar exchange.

I wouldn’t dare begin to guess the subject matter of yesterday’s talk or the many that preceded it.  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters, in the great scheme of things, is that Vic Powell is.  He has served this college and her many leaders with a steadfast devotion to our young men and their education and his glass has always been at least half full. 

L E G E N D! 

Dean Mike Raters '85 – Blue Shades

Dean Mike Raters, Class of 1985, spoke in Chapel today.  His title went something like "Life Lessons from the Locker Room".  It was a very interesting talk and certainly focused attention on some of the mentors he has had along the way and the impact the other "teachers" in our lives can and do have.

At one point he donned these blue sunglasses to make a key point.  It was a lesson…well…you better just go watch him for yourself.  You can see his Chapel Talk and many more here: