David Kendall '66 – What A Model For Our Men!

David Kendall ’66, prominent Washington attorney and probably the best known attorney to graduate from Wabash, took time out of his busy schedule to return to Wabash for the Wabash Law Reunion over Homecoming.  Kendall took part in the Continuing Legal Education (CLS) segment of the weekend as well as serving as the keynote speaker for the Friday evening dinner.    

It’s pretty easy to see how he has been so successful from the time he was a student to today.

The Friday night  dinner was attended by Wabash attorneys, judges, current law school students, and many members of the Wabash Pre-Law Society.  Kendall gave a quick review of the changes he saw coming in the practice of law.  However, he started his talk with a rapid fire listing of several lawyer jokes, and finished with a review of a scholarly piece written on the nine subcategories of lawyer jokes.  In a word, he was phenomenal! 

But he almost had to ad lib.

President White, in his welcoming remarks, threatened to start with several lawyer jokes.  Pat didn’t, but David thought he might be using a completely different opening if Pat would have recited several of the jokes.

The reunion was sensational – and, of course, we are going to have to make this one a fairly frequent event.

To watch Kendall’s talk at the Law Reunion dinner, click here