Indy-based Apparatus In Inc. 5000

INC. ( is The Daily Resource for Entrepreneuers.  They post a INC. 500 and an INC. 5000 – top performing companies if you will.  As you can imagine, any organization these days would love to make one of those lists.  Well…

As it turns out, Apparatus, founded in 1999 by alumnus Kelly Pfedderer ’96, is one of those companies. Click here for more info.

Apparatus last reported a 135.8% growth rate…think about that one.  Somehow, Kelly finds time to help the college with career services while running this company – a real benefit to our students in this economy.

Congrats to Kelly and the entire Appartus team. 

Bruce Gras '68 – Taking On More at Longevity

Last July, Bruce Gras, Class of 1968, was hired by Longevity Consulting as a Managing Director for their Enterprise Resource Management Practice.  Longevity is a Washington, DC based company that does a lot of work for the US government.

Of course, Bruce was, and is, also the president and CEO of his own company, Trirock Enterprises.

We have just heard that Bruce has also been named as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Longevity.  He’ll assume the new role in addition to his current duties.

For most human beings, three full time jobs might seem like overkill – especially for a guy in his 60s.  However, for those of us who know Bruce, well…we know he’ll be more than able to handle the additional responsibilities.  In you look up "motor always running" in your Funk and Wagnalls, you’ll see a photo of Bruce right on the page. 

Congratulations, Bruce!

Colorado Connections – Again

As I reported last week, Greg Castanias ’87 and his beautiful wife (Jane) and daughter (Alex) were also in Colorado last week and joined Jim Roper ’68, his lovely wife Liz, and their crew for dinner. 

That photo is Greg with Jim’s twin sons Seth and Will.  The boys obviously took to Greg very well and Greg obviously had a good time.  Fast forward another 10 years or so and Greg will probably greet young men at the front door a little differently.  

But that’s a story for another time.



Good Luck to Coach Walker and DePauw

Ok…I have taken my red hat off for just a second or so.

Friday it was annuounced that Matt Walker had resigned as head coach of DePauw’s football and baseball teams.  The resignation took place immediately.

An immediate resignation usually means there’s more to the story.  But that’s for another time and someone else.

The news really caught me off-guard.  My first reactions were surprise, a little glee (we won’t play his teams anymore), and then the sad and concerned parts set in.  Sad in that Coach Walker had a big impact on the DePauw teams and thus on our legendary rivalry.  Concerned in that I genuinely hope the resignation isn’t because of a health or family issue.

So today (it’s Saturday) as I was mowing, I thought about our rivalry.  I know we’ll remain bitter rivals until h— freezes over.  I also know that any one of us, DePauw and Wabash alumnus alike, knows when we meet an alumnus of the "other" school we are meeting someone with brains and drive.  I know that the rivalry prepares both student bodies for life after college, as every time our teams enter the field or court, they’ll need to be at their best to win.

All that is to say good luck to Coach Walker and to DePauw.

OK – red hat’s back on…

DePauw To Hell – Get The Bell! 

Evan Brown '97 on CNN

Jeff Sostak ’06 let us know that Evan Brown ’97, an attorney for the Illinois law firm of Hinshaw and Culbertson, recently appeared on CNN discussing a lawsuit over a posting on the hugely popular social networking site Twitter.  As you can see, it could turn out to be an expensive 140 characters.

For the entire interview on You Tube, click here.


Wabash – Career Services for Alumni

Every day it seems I hear from another alumnus who is out of work and looking for a new opportunity. Just yesterday I talked with a bright, talented, young alumnus who had been "downsized".  

Wabash can help.  The partnership of Career Services and the Alumni and Parent Relations office is providing a set of tools to help alumni with their job search.  The web page to start is:

Spread the word!

Do You Know "Ricky Keys"?


That’s Ricky Keys on the keyboard for the Chicago-based band, the Windy City Rev Ups.  The Rev Ups were featured entertainment at the recent Chicago Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon held on the Chicago lakefront.

You may know that keyboard player as class agent and past-president of the alumni board at Wabash. Yes, that’s our Rick Fobes, class of 1972.  Rick recently retired from a very successful career in Advertising but he hasn’t retired form his love of music, that’s for sure.

Move over Mick Jagger!

For more about the Windy City Rev Ups, click here.

It Won't Be Long Now

In a little under three weeks it will be Freshman Saturday – August 22, 2009.  We’ll welcome a new class of Wabash men (the Class of 2013!) and their families into the Wabash community.  Seems like Commencement was just last week.

The summer of 2009 will melt into the football season of 2009 and Homecoming, with Chapel Sing and our first-ever Wabash Law Reunion, is just around the corner.  Of course, we’ll also dedicate the new Kappa Sig House.  Odds are we’ll see the Senior Bench painted in a similar fashion that weekend.

We wonder sometimes, how we’ll ever replace the Wabash faculty legends – the Ben Rogges, Vic Powells, Bill Plachers, Eric Deans, and Jack Charles.  But we find a way to do so.

We also wonder about replacing the young men who just graduated – the stellar campus leaders who are now alumni – guys on their way to grad school, med school, law school, and the business world.  Who will fill those leadership voids?

But we’ll find a way to do so.  

That’s the neat thing about the memories of the golden years at Wabash – we all have our own gold set!