Jack Chase – Headed To Wabash!?!

So it’s Friday, and I am reflecting on the fact that the group of freshmen who started class yesterday are members of the Class of 2013.

Yep, 2013.

Born in the 1990s.  
What first Gulf War?
Elementary school during the attack on 9/11.
Cameras used to have film?
Gas could never have been 29.9!

Speaking of young…

That’s young Jack Chase in the picture.  He’s the son of Kip (Wabash ’03) and Nicole (DePauw ’01) Chase.  Kip’s a great guy and Nicole is world class.  Jack has the best of both.

Kip says "Wabash" for young Jack and Nicole just smiles.  That means it’s far from decided…but Jack looks pretty sharp in that t-shirt.