Took this photo last Monday evening at the Annual Peck Awards dinner.  That’s the Bachelor editor in chief, Patrick McAlister ’10, talking with Wabash president Pat White.

The Bachelor recently garnered a number of awards including best small school paper in Indiana.  Like all college and university papers, the Bachelor and the college’s administration don’t see eye to eye on every subject.  They never have, they never will, and if they did it just wouldn’t be right.    Young men who form their own opinions and aren’t afraid to back them up are what "educating young men to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely" is all about.  The Wabash tradition is blue books…not book answers.

Last week you received an email from Pat White about the impact of the economy on the college.  Pat’s note clearly demonstrates that times are indeed tough AND that the college’s leadership is firmly committed to keep Wabash strong. 

In times like these some of our friends won’t be able to lend their normal level of support to the college because of their personal challenges.  We completely understand that.  For those of us who can, let’s step up and apply a new, distinctively Wabash, meaning to "Yes, We Can".  Yes, we can keep Wabash strong.  Yes, we can make sure the education these young men receive keeps getting better and better.  Yes, we can be there for our brothers.

I just went on-line to and increased my support of the college with a recurring credit card gift.  It took one minute.  Wabash students get the support – I can get the miles/points/free stays etc. – I specify when it’s billed and for what period.

Simple.  Easy.   Win-win.

Yes We Can.