Big Bash 2009 – Dale Milligan '49 Will Be There

That’s Dale Milligan ’49, class agent for his class, at a recent Wabash home basketball game. 

Dale and his classmates are planning to return to campus this June for the 2009 Edition of the Big Bash and their 60th reunion.  Imagine graduating in 1949, right after WWII, and all they have seen at Wabash and in this world of ours.

Their Wabash has changed…and stayed the same.  Center Hall, Pioneer Chapel, Chadwick Court, the Armory – they are all "rocks" that say Wabash is the same college.  Hays Science Hall, Goodrich completely remodeled, Detchon, new fraternity houses, and the Allen Center – they all signal Wabash is state-of-the-art…but still traditional.

Hope to see you back at the Big Bash…can’t wait to hear all the Scarlet Yarns from those Boys of 1949.

A Long Way From Crawfordsville – But Closer Than You Think

Adan Garcia ’04 recently sent me this photo from their Monon Bell Telecast party down in the Valley…the Rio Grande Valley.  That’s a bit of a trip from Crawfordsville.  To give you an idea – it’s a four hour drive straight south from San Antonio!

Thanks to the efforts of Adan, Jeff Espino ’03, David Wagner ’05 and many others, Wabash is alive and well in the Valley and continues to recruit talented young men to make the trip. 

We may be little, but our reach goes on and on…

It Must Be Time For Wabash Baseball

A check of the outdoor temperature gauge this morning didn’t reveal -9 degrees.  In fact, it was 51 degrees this morning as I went for the morning paper.  Must mean only one thing – time for some Wabash baseball.  You may be tempted to remind me it’s February and there’s still a lot of winter left.  

You’re right…but…

The Little Giants start play this month – on February 28th.  You can get their schedule, including a spring break trip to Texas, and much more on the web by clicking here.

 Wonder if they’ll need a batting practice pitcher down in Texas.  In the old days I had quite….

White To Run For Secretary of State

Charles White, Wabash Class of 1992, has announced he will run for Indiana Secretary of State in 2010.  White has been active in local politics and for the past four years has served in the Mitch Daniels Administration as Special Counsel to the Department of Natural Resources.

White majored in Political Science and was one of the first students in the Theta Delta Chi fraternity.

For the full posting, click here.

Good luck Charles!

Mark Turpin '09 – Another Talented Wally

That’s Mark Turpin ’09 explaining his original art to Wabash alumni board member Mark Shreve ’04 during the recent Celebration of Student Research on January 30, 2009.  Of course, there’s more to the story.

Mark T. got his inspiration for the painting while studying in Italy on the semester abroad program. Mark S. works for a company that handles study abroad programs in, you guessed it, Italy.  Small world.

Mark T. is one of those talented guys who can do almost anything.  He’s an artist and varsity basketball player, along with 40-11 (Hoosier for a lot) different talents and interests.



Class of 1968 – World Leaders!

Those Class of 1968 guys set our reunion world on its ear last year when they returned 80 class members for their 40th reunion.  Before that the closest we had ever been was 66 members of the Class of 1967.  At that time, we thought 66 members was an unbeatable record.

We’ll 1968 is not sitting back.  In fact, they are already getting organized for the 45th reunion in June of 2013!!!!  Think about that for prior planning.

The web shot above is their own web page – When you click on it, you’ll be serenaded by the Wabash College Glee Club singing the world’s greatest fight song!

Thanks guys – we sincerely appreciate all you do for our Alma Mater. 

Recycling the RCA Dome – A Wabash guy of course

The photo shows the RCA Dome roof once it had been deflated during the deconstruction process.  That’s some serious fabric, and a lot of it.  What the heck do you do with all of that?

Wabash alumnus Michael Bricker, Class of 2004, had the answer.  Recycle (Michael prefers "repurpose") the fabric!

For more information, go to and read all about it.

Those 2004 guys – when President Andy Ford told them to go out and change the world, they did and continue to do so.

John C. Schroeder '69 in the Banking News

From the press release…

"John C. Schroeder, president of Wabash Plastics, Inc. in Evansville, Ind., has been reappointed to a three-year term on the board of directors of the Louisville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Schroeder is also a member of the board of trustees of the University of Evansville and Wabash College, and the board of directors of the Evansville Regional Business Committee."

Charlie Crowley Reports In – From Kilimanjaro!

Photos and text from Charlie Crowley ’70

"Well Grunge, the rumors are true.  Eventually our children grow up and become adults.  There is that remarkable period when we and our children are both able and willing to participate in “adult” activities together, before, alas, we parental units start to slow done a bit too much and our adult children start to return the care giving gift of their youth.  Fortunately I’m in that active period (having only turned 60 in December) and can still spend some time with the “kids.” (Although wrestling has been dropped from the agenda!) 


All that to say, my son and I began the New Year in Tanzania climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and taking a short safari across the Serengeti Plain.  In the Kili summit photo (1-6-09), I’m the older guy buried in his balaclava on the left.  Of course my 30+ year-old homemade (thank you, Mary) Wabash summit flag did accompany us all the way, as well as our “CROWLEY POWER” T-shirts.  NOTE:  Opening up jackets to show off T-shirts and taking off gloves to unfold flags is not a recommended long term activity at 19,000+ feet.  All in all, it was a great climb and safari.


So, gentlemen, work hard to keep up with those kids and don’t let your “older” friends (many of whom may be younger than you) tell you what you can’t do with the youngsters.  Remember it’s not the first 65 or 70 years that slow you down, but the second!


As a postscript, let Chip know I carried my alumni referral cards (as always) throughout my travels and found a few opportunities to distribute to touring parents.  You never know!"