Craig Green '59 – Another Small Wabash World

Class agent and local alumni leader Craig Green ’59 suffered a bad fall last week while trimming some trees at his home.  Diane was able to get Craig to St. Clare Hospital where they took a quick look and decided a move to a major hospital in Indianapolis was the best idea.

That’s where the Wabash world really kicked in.

As it turns out..

1.  Dr John Roberts ’83 is Craig’s doctor here in town.

2.  Dr. Patrick White, son of Wabash president Pat White and first lady Chris, was one of the attending emergency room physicians.

3.  Dr. Trey Holland ’71, classmate and doctor in charge of the Grunge, was also called in for his expertise.

So…with a broken shoulder, broken rib, heavily bruised arm, and a pelvis cracked/broken in five places, Craig is on the mend.  I saw him earlier this week (back at St. Clares now) and he is in great spirits and healing nicely.  Diane has, of course, been the Rock of Gibraltar.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Diane tells me there’s been a steady stream of Wallies coming by to visit Craig and that’s made a big difference in Craig’s outlook and spirits.  I hope I didn’t put too much of a damper on that when I told Craig it would take more than this accident for us to diminish any of his reunion duties.

Here’s to Craig’ full recovery as it’s not long until his 50th Wabash reunion at the Big Bash in early June.