Big Bash Lodging Options Exploding!

I recently posted a blog entry about the Holiday Inn becoming a Quality Inn.  That’s in response to the new Holiday Inn Express right next door.  This will give you an idea of how close they are.

The Holiday Inn Express will be open in about a month and all of the bugs (no pun intended) should be out well before the Bash.

If your choices lean toward the Hilton chain, we’re also getting a new Hampton Inn right next to the Comfort Inn.  That’s the Comfort Inn in the center of the picture and the Hampton is on the left.


Finally, although it doesn’t appear it will be ready for this summer’s Big Bash, C’ville is getting a Candlewood Suites as well.  It’s very close to the Hampton location.

Your gourmet dining choices on that side of C’ville are limited to McDonalds, Burger King, and the Quality Inn restaurant – alas, Alice’s has closed.  Hopefully the dining options will also expand in the near future. 

That’s it from your local travel reporter.