Bruce Gras '68 – How many hours in that day?

I met Bruce Gras ’68 for the first time at the 2008 Big Bash.  He was one of the leaders on the Class of 1968 historic reunion effort where they eclipsed every single reunion attendance record in the entire history of mankind and Roger Maris’ home run record to boot.

As I was driving down this morning from home, I had to ask myself what "dose" of 1968 serum  would it take to get other reunion classes to have the kind of success that 1968 did.  The easy answer was to suggest to self that no one has the time on their hands that the 1968 guys may have had.

However…Bruce shoots that line of thinking to pieces…

Bruce is the managing director of Longevity Consulting.  From the press release "Longevity specializes in helping organizations evaluate their existing IT infrastructure and developing strategies to transform the landscape to better support broader business objectives."

Bruce runs his own venture capital firm, TriRock.  You can find them on the web at

Bruce is an active musician, playing in a number of bands in his area.  You may recall Bruce brought the entire sound system last year for the Friday evening, Big Bash entertainment.  

Bruce keeps the Wabash Class of 1968 web site,, up to speed.

So, we’re back to what makes the Class of 1968 so effective?  After all, Bruce Gras, Jim Roper, Jim Millikin and the rest of the group are just as busy as any other group and, since they are all in their early 60s, even more preoccupied with the economy.  

The answer is simple – Jim Collins in his book Good to Great talks of having the right people on the bus as the first step to greatness.  I am pretty sure the class of 1968 has a full bus of exactly the right kind of people.

And I am pretty sure Bruce has a supersonic bus!