That’s Dale Milligan ’49, class agent for his class, at a recent Wabash home basketball game. 

Dale and his classmates are planning to return to campus this June for the 2009 Edition of the Big Bash and their 60th reunion.  Imagine graduating in 1949, right after WWII, and all they have seen at Wabash and in this world of ours.

Their Wabash has changed…and stayed the same.  Center Hall, Pioneer Chapel, Chadwick Court, the Armory – they are all "rocks" that say Wabash is the same college.  Hays Science Hall, Goodrich completely remodeled, Detchon, new fraternity houses, and the Allen Center – they all signal Wabash is state-of-the-art…but still traditional.

Hope to see you back at the Big Bash…can’t wait to hear all the Scarlet Yarns from those Boys of 1949.