Wabash and the Inauguration – Check out DJ!

When you tune in your television next Tuesday for the historic Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, keep an eye out for the distinguished young man pictured on the right. You may see him there.

That’s right, Wabash Trustee, Indianapolis Alumni Association Past President, and Wabash Hall of Famer Daryl “DJ” Johnson ’82 will be at the Inauguration!

What an opportunity. What a moment in history. DJ – we want to see the photos and a Wabash Magazine exclusive!

Ben – Here You Go!

Ben Whitehouse ’99, one of our nine loyal Grunge Report blog readers, asked some time ago for some winter photos. Well, Ben, winter is here at the Bash. I did the campus “stroll” earlier this morning…12 degrees…and the snow coming down. Later in the week we will see -12 degrees. †Not wind chill, temperature!

Today’s the first day of classes this semester. Regardless of the weather, I am ready for a new semester at Wabash.

More winter photos here.

If your class year ends with a "4" or "9", it's Bash Time

That’s right, the Big Bash Reunion weekend, starring the men and their ladies of 1949 back for their 60th reunion, the men and their ladies of 1959 for their 50th reunion, is just around the corner – June 5-7, 2009.

Make your plans now.

The reunion weekend also includes the following classes: 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, and 2004.

Hot tip – you heard it here first. It appears the newest hotels in town, a Holiday Inn Express and Suites and a Hampton Inn and Suites, will both be open for the Bash. We’re trying to pin the opening dates right now but your choices for a nice place to stay just went way up.

And a plug – don’t forget Davis House, a B & B run by Steve Golliher ’67 and his wife.

For all reunion details, keep checking

Coach Petty Wins 500th – SWEET


You can define sweet as winning the 500th game of your career, against arguably one of the best NCAC basketball programs there is, which just happens to be the college in Coach’s hometown. It was one of those days in Chadwick that the crazies treated the game as one of those where the pitcher is going for the no hitter – but no one is saying anything…no one wanted to jinx it. Mac and the Little Giant threw…well, a perfect game!

That’s sweet. Even sweeter?

Coach Mac Petty is the guy who, on the way to a successful season year after year, is more than successful in molding young men to be leaders and contributors. At Wabash, Chadwick Court is his classroom.

Of course, Gloria Petty deserves a huge pat on the back as well. She’s always there – cheering on the Little Giants to victory. Saturday was no different…there she was…the first lady of Wabash basketball. But the smile says this one was special…very special.

It was one of those special days that makes you smile on the drive home…SWEET!

Scott Fendley '88 Starts Own Company

It appears our own Scott Fendley, Class of 1988 and voice of Wabash football for several years, has started his own company, SF Consulting. Scott’s Linkedin page describes the new venture’s focus this way:

“Helping non-profits organize and manage their development operations, advancement services, and donor databases. Specializing in operations and database management, prospecting, donor relations, gift and pledge processing and other functions.”

Scott recently worked for Benz Whaley Flessner, a nationally known consulting firm specialing in our facets of Philanthropy.

We wish Scott the very best in this new endeavor. †You can reach Scott at:

We Lost Pat Johnson

Last April, Wabash College celebrated the retirement of a legendary figure at the College – one each “Johnson, Robert H.” Coach Johnson stepped down after a superb career coaching our runners and even more importantly teaching them to be men.

For many of those years, his wife Pat was by his side – her influence every bit as far-reaching as “Coach”. Their children grew up with a big playground called Wabash College. They roamed as freely through the Arboretum as many of Rob’s cross country runners.

We received word yesterday that Pat had passed away after a long, courageous fight with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her suffering is over.

Of course, Rob and his children are the ones who are hurting the most – keep them in your thoughts and prayers. “Spouses” and “Moms”, regardless of the change in age, title, time, or address, are special and remain so forever.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Photo: Pat Johnson with her daughter at Rob’s retirement party.

Dreary One Today

So, it’s a yuck day.  The forecast is snow, freezing drizzle, and freezing rain.  You can see in the picture there isn’t a great deal of anything – color, light, contrast, brightness – out there.  A good day for…ahhh…studying for Comps!

We’re in the time period where most of the guys haven’t returned to campus yet – classes don’t start until next week.  Some of the seniors, of course, have returned to study for Comps. But, of course, if you haven’t learned it by now, what’s a few days going to do for you?  (That’s the line I used on myself as I was approaching Comps.)

Next week the hard part will be finding a place to park.  Today it’s walking without slipping on the ice.

Next week the Great Hall in Sparks will be alive with noise and energy – this week it’s dead.

Joe Trumpey '88 – Leading the Way At Michigan

We learned over the Holidays that Joe Trumpey ’88 was one of only two professors at the University of Michigan to be awarded the 2008 Undergraduate Teaching Award by the president of the University! From all indications, Joe is having a Wabash College-like impact on his students. (The Art and Design Department at Michigan includes over 60 faculty members and 500 undergraduates!)

Joe, who majored in Art and Biology at Wabash and is well known for his work as an artist and illustrator, serves Michigan as the director of International Programs at the School of Art and Design.

Congratulations, Joe Trumpey ’88, you’re Some Little Giant!