You can define sweet as winning the 500th game of your career, against arguably one of the best NCAC basketball programs there is, which just happens to be the college in Coach’s hometown. It was one of those days in Chadwick that the crazies treated the game as one of those where the pitcher is going for the no hitter – but no one is saying anything…no one wanted to jinx it. Mac and the Little Giant threw…well, a perfect game!

That’s sweet. Even sweeter?

Coach Mac Petty is the guy who, on the way to a successful season year after year, is more than successful in molding young men to be leaders and contributors. At Wabash, Chadwick Court is his classroom.

Of course, Gloria Petty deserves a huge pat on the back as well. She’s always there – cheering on the Little Giants to victory. Saturday was no different…there she was…the first lady of Wabash basketball. But the smile says this one was special…very special.

It was one of those special days that makes you smile on the drive home…SWEET!