So, it’s a yuck day.  The forecast is snow, freezing drizzle, and freezing rain.  You can see in the picture there isn’t a great deal of anything – color, light, contrast, brightness – out there.  A good day for…ahhh…studying for Comps!

We’re in the time period where most of the guys haven’t returned to campus yet – classes don’t start until next week.  Some of the seniors, of course, have returned to study for Comps. But, of course, if you haven’t learned it by now, what’s a few days going to do for you?  (That’s the line I used on myself as I was approaching Comps.)

Next week the hard part will be finding a place to park.  Today it’s walking without slipping on the ice.

Next week the Great Hall in Sparks will be alive with noise and energy – this week it’s dead.