My friend Peter Pactor ’65, a legendary teacher at Nolan Catholic in Ft. Worth, Texas, recently underwent hip replacement surgery. As with virtually everyone whose had the surgery, he reports: ” I should have done this a long time ago…” Peter’s well on his way to recovery, but at age 65, recovery takes a little longer than it used to take.

Enter Wabash alumni, friends, and fellow Nolan Catholic teachers Gabe Duarte ’02 (right) and Josh Jones ’07 (left) pictured here. Gabe and Josh have been taking turns staying with Peter as he recovers.

When Peter called me last week, he couldn’t have sounded better or been more thankful for the kindness and generosity of Gabe and Josh.

Oh, and did I mention Peter had a hand in both Gabe and Josh attending Wabash?

Small Wabash world, as I have said so many times before.