This report (July 11th) in from Greg Birk ’77 who is vacationing in Colorado:

“Carroll and I dined with Tim ’76 and Ann Gagen last evening. We enjoyed swapping stories about life in the Beta House in the mid 70’s. As you know Tim is the Town Manager for Breckenridge. As someone who has lived in or visited Breckenridge for the past 30 years I can tell you Tim is doing a great job of managing this beautiful and booming mountain resort town. Of course his incredibly demanding job does not keep him from enjoying a challenging mountain bike ride almost daily.

Jason Brandt ’98 and I (below) ran a couple of trail races over the weekend as well. The second picture is post race from the Breckenridge 4th of July race.”

Top photo: Greg, Carroll, Ann, and Tim.

Below: Jason and Greg.