Brad Johnson ’71, shown above at the ground breaking for the new TEKE house at the 2007 Big Bash, will receive an Alumni Award of Merit at Homecoming this fall. Brad won the award for outstanding service to the College – it’s named for Frank Misch, Class of 1925. As with all things Wabash, there’s a connection there. Here’s Brad describing the bond:

“You see, when my father was a young man in the early 1950’s and just starting out his career in the business world, he worked for a few years under Frank Misch at Chrysler Corp. in Detroit. Dad had a lot of admiration for and always spoke highly of “Mr. Misch”. Dad knew that Frank had attended school in and graduated from some small college in Indiana.

Fast forward to 1966 when our family moved to Indiana from Michigan, and Dad contacted Frank to learn the name of and more about Frank’s alma mater and well…here we are.

I never met Frank Misch but it is evident he made a significant impression on my father which led him to gently steer me toward Wabash. Without that early influence on Dad, its not likely I would have otherwise attended Wabash.”

As Class Agent Fred Miller ’76 told me recently”: “We can’t begin to imagine all the ways alumni help and support the College”. Fred, you’re right. Frank Misch, by living the Gentleman’s Rule and setting a great example, recruited Brad’s father and then Brad.

You gotta love it!