Let me set the stage…

The Friday evening of this year’s Big Bash we had over 400 people dining in the Knowling Fieldhouse. It’s a beautiful location with a great view on three sides – floor to ceiling windows make it superb.

However, the view suddenly changed when we combined Severe Thunderstorm warnings with a Tornado watch and forecast straight line winds in excess of 80 miles per hour. We made it through the evening, however, without getting 400 people in the locker rooms downstairs!

So, driving in to work early Saturday morning, I thought we had “weathered the storm”. Little did I know!

Saturday morning the heavens opened up with thunderstorm after thunderstorm – the day’s schedule changed in a heartbeat. This photo shows our Big Bash Fun Run! We went from a nice morning run around campus to…well…you see.

Big Bash 2008 – one we’ll all remember.