Last year we had a few members of the class of 1968 (pictured are the Krafts, Millikins, and Jim Roper) back for the Big Bash – they were checking it out. They had a chance to see the Class of 1967 turn out in great attendance numbers – numbers we had never before seen.

In true Wabash fashion, they proudly stated at that Bash that they would beat 1967. Now, I have to tell you, I thought Clark Dickerson ’67 and his reunion committee did a fantastic job of generating a great turnout – in many ways they made the weekend.

But these guys from 1968…WOW! They went to work with Clark’s model and really put it through its paces.

Jim Millikin as reunion chairman and Jim Roper as class agent simply would not take no for an answer and their class has unheard of numbers registered for the Bash…83 in all. If they all show…well, well see what happens.

We had one member of their class call in to register and at the end of the call he told us to contact his class agent and tell him I’m registered so he’ll get off my back!