It's Just Not The Same As The Old Days

It’s just not the same anymore…

I remember picking up my son Chris at the end of school one year. I drove in from Virginia in our Ford Escort – a small car. The next day Chris and I loaded ourselves, and everything he had at school, into the Escort and headed back to Virginia. We loaded everything…

I guess you could say the times have changed.

This is a BIG horse trailer – but it wasn’t hauling any horses this past weekend. It was loaded with “stuff” – the stuff of one of our seniors. No, not a house full of them, just one.
One senior, from Oklahoma, sold a bunch of his furniture to another senior from Fort Wayne. The parents from Oklahoma were nice enough to load the trailer and truck all the furniture to Ft. Wayne before returning and loading up again for Oklahoma.

Now that’s family…Wabash family.