Completing the Construction Update – The NEW Center

They may still needing a little TLC on the landscape, but the staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion (CFTLTR! or simply “The Wabash Center”) is operating out of their new facility that sits on the grounds of old Kingery Hall.

The building fits the architectural scheme of the College and looks right at home on that spot. Of course, many of us miss old Kingery – it was the building that served a 1,000 purposes during it’s lifetime.

Speaking of Updates – Delt House

Construction is complete on the new side entry to the Delt house. This photo is from Crawford Street looking north and west. The Delts really benefited from having a good, sound structure so their renovation resources could be concentrated on improvements for the active members.

What you don’t see in the photo is the upgrades happening on the inside of the house. You can see those by simply visiting campus. We’re in the same location we’ve been for the last 175 years! 

TKE Construction Update

Here’s a look from across the street at the new TKE house. It appears the exterior is nearing completion and should be ready for the guys to move in for the fall semester.

The word we have is the Dedication Ceremony will be on Saturday, September 20, 2008.

The picture below is of the back of the house from Crawford street. The house appears to be large, much larger than I would have thought for 40 men. A nice step up from the house they had.


On Saturday I returned from Dallas (75 degrees) to Indianapolis (42 degrees). On Monday and Tuesday mornings (this morning), I scraped ice off the windshield of my truck before driving into work. Tax day usually does not equal ice on the windshield.

So, when it hit the mid-50s this afternoon I decided to take a quick walk around campus for signs, any signs, that it might be spring. I took this shot near Hovey Cottage. There aren’t any leaves on the trees yet, but as you can see below, they are on the way.

This tree stands near Caleb Mills House. I would guess Dogwood, but, let’s face it, I am clueless.

Someone will out there will help me out, I am sure.

Tomorrow a construction update on the brand new TKE house.

The Republic of Texas

I have to say that one of my favorite trips is to visit the Dallas-Ft. Worth area alumni, parents, and friends. There are a number of reasons but they all revolve around the great folks we have there. Oh, and the food’s not bad either.

In the picture is one of our alumni leaders, Ray LaDriere ’78, making a point. †The young lady with her back to the camera is Ray’s wife Anne. †Also pictured (l to r) are Fred Halstead ’65, Patrick Craine ’94 , and Pat Mulry ’94.

Anne LaDriere does a great job planning our events in the area – that makes it much easier for me to concentrate on my duties – handing out nametags and taking pictures. †

We were expecting Professor Melissa Butler to be at our event but American Airlines put a halt on that. †In Ray’s remarks, Ray was planning to mention Melissa’s love of travel and her goal of visiting 100 different countries. †Ray knows she’s visited 70 – he planned to say she could now count 71 as she had now visited the Republic of Texas.

A Challenge – Pure and Simple

That’s the picture on the DePauw web site and here’s the link.

This one’s real simple – they want to beat us in annual giving percentage – You, and your classmates, can keep that from happening.

Three very easy steps.
1. Click here to make a gift on-line.
2.  Click here to search the on-line Honor Roll for your class.
3.  Pick up the phone and call two classmates who are not on the list and give them grief until they make a gift.

As they say in Top Gun, “there are no points for second place.”


Father Pat Beidelman '94 – Studying In Rome

Sent the Class of 1994 an email recently and heard from Father Pat Beidelman ’94 a few moments later. Father Pat reports:

“Sorry I haven’t replied to your letter of invitation until now. I regret that I will not be able to or assist with or be present for our reunion. I would have enjoyed it. As you probably know, I am working on an additional graduate degree in liturgical theology in Rome and will still be here in Italy until July 1st of 2009.
All the best to you and the staff at Wabash. Thanks for all you do and be assured of my prayerful support.”

Photo: †Father Pat with several classmates at the first Big Bash in 2004.

Look For It At This Year's Big Bash

Ok…it’s a spinoff. For you connoisseurs of the late Tommys Silver Dollar bar, you’ll notice the resemblance.

We did, on the advice of many lawyers, change the name to protect the guilty.

We’ve “adapted” the sign for our new afternoon watering hole at this year’s Big Bash. Open Friday and Saturday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, we hope to offer a nice wine selection, in addition to…well…it wouldn’t be the same without…T W R! Plans to meet your buddies on campus at Tommy’s…

Johnson, Robert H. – Just call him COACH

Just doesn’t seem possible that Coach Rob Johnson H’77 is retiring. He seems to be a fixture here, not unlike Vic Powell, Ben Rogge, Bob Mitchum, Byron Trippet, Willis Johnson, Eric Dean, Don Baker…well, that list can go on forever.

Rob’s retirement bash, with over 200 attending as of today, will be April 19, 2008 here on campus. I hope you’re on the list because it should be a great evening…a Wabash evening, a time to say “Thanks” to a guy who, despite the “light red” hat in the picture, is as “Wabash” as the day is long.

How many lives has he touched? How many men are better today, not at running but at life, because of Coach Johnson? A bazillion!

Hope to see you on the 19th – we’ll be there!