I have to say that one of my favorite trips is to visit the Dallas-Ft. Worth area alumni, parents, and friends. There are a number of reasons but they all revolve around the great folks we have there. Oh, and the food’s not bad either.

In the picture is one of our alumni leaders, Ray LaDriere ’78, making a point. †The young lady with her back to the camera is Ray’s wife Anne. †Also pictured (l to r) are Fred Halstead ’65, Patrick Craine ’94 , and Pat Mulry ’94.

Anne LaDriere does a great job planning our events in the area – that makes it much easier for me to concentrate on my duties – handing out nametags and taking pictures. †

We were expecting Professor Melissa Butler to be at our event but American Airlines put a halt on that. †In Ray’s remarks, Ray was planning to mention Melissa’s love of travel and her goal of visiting 100 different countries. †Ray knows she’s visited 70 – he planned to say she could now count 71 as she had now visited the Republic of Texas.