Marketing Immersion – Set For Early March

When spring break rolls around at the beginning of March, most of our guys will be soaking up the sun in much warmer climates. However, 12 of our guys will participate in our Marketing Immersion Course. They’ll spend a week visiting various marketing operations around Indiana, all connected in some way with a Wabash alumnus, and they get a chance learn marketing basics, work on real marketing problems and see creative marketing solutions.

Many thanks to the Lilly Endowment for making this program possible.

Photo: Last year’s marketing immersion group at the firm Just Marketing in Indianapolis. I think they liked the car!

Sphinx Club Pledges – Dancing With The Stars!?!

Last night, for some strange reason, I didn’t take my camera to the basketball game. So, when the Sphinx Club pledges, instead of building a pyramid of bodies and spelling W-A-B-A-S-H on the floor, jumped into a dance routine, I was caught with only the camera in my phone.

I was impressed! None of them will make a living dancing, but they did a pretty good job. And, as you can imagine, the crowd went WILD!

BTW: that’s Will Hoffman ’10, second from the left. Will works in our office as a student worker. Don’t tell anyone, we don’t want to embarrass him, but he’s a great young man.

New TKE House Construction

The weather has put a damper on the bricklayers it appears…not much happening this morning…

The house, built for 40 TKEs, appears huge. Will be nice when it’s done – the entire corner is getting close to complete as the Delts continue their renovation.

Wonder how the move of the TKEs over the summer will impact the intra-fraternity “exchanges” on that corner?

How Many Generations?

Took this photo last week at Steve Hoffman’s great Chapel Talk.  As I looked at the current crop of Sphinx Club pledges, complete with…well…what’s left of their pledge class “pots”… I couldn’t help but wonder how many guys have worn those pots.

They certainly have made the rounds…

You got to love Tradition!

Steve Hoffman '85 – Home Run As Chapel Speaker

Like all of us at this point – save maybe Vic Powell, Bill Placher, David Blix – Steve Hoffman “Hoff” was just a wee-bit nervous. It isn’t the crowd and it isn’t the subject. It is overwhelming, when you walk to the podium, that you are standing in the Pioneer Chapel and giving a talk. Legends, superstars, presidents…you are joining the decades of great poeple who have had the privilege of talking in the Chapel.

Hoff’s nervousness lasted but a few seconds and he was off and running. Telling stories so personal and, in his words, “so Wabash”, that he brought repeated laughter from the group – faculty, staff, and students alike. His baseball story, involving a young Steve Hoffman and Mike Raters ’85 (now Associate Dean of Students) had me rolling with laughter. His stories about the courage of Wabash men he had coached came straight from his heart – you could have heard the old pin drop. Going to be tough to follow that one my friend!

Hoff hit a home run, for sure!

"Arch"-ery Education

Back to the newest Arch on campus…one more time.

Some members of the community must have decided that we need to walk under this arch. †As you can see, they constructed a snow wall to funnel traffic under the arch. †You can’t see it but they also installed sticks in the wall to make the obstacle even higher.

So…is it an effort to protect the tradition of NOT walking under the REAL arches, highlighting the “arch” differences? †Or is it an effort to debunk this new “tradition” of not walking under the arches?

You decide…

Signs in the Snow

Slogging around campus the other day in the fog and melting snow, I came upon this sign near Center Hall and the new Arch/Art project I showed you earlier.

It’s a snow rendition of the TKE fraternity symbol.  Peter Pactor ’65 – teacher, TKE, and artist – would be very proud of the young men – they did a nice job.

I Am Ready For Some Football – Wabash Football

Taken Saturday…right after the snow came…it’s all gone now.

Super Bowl’s over…Coach Raeburn is here…the guys are working out…that can only mean it’s almost football season. Well, OK, a couple of weeks awa…months away.  But we’re ready none the less…

September 13, 2008 – At Denison – Be there!


Lots of Snow plus Warm Temps…Fog!

Take several inches of snow and add a lot of warm, moist air…this is what you get.

The wind is blowing as you can see…but this stuff is so thick it doesn’t dissipate like normal fog (if there is such a thing.) And since it’s almost 4:00 PM, I think it will be here throughout the res of the day.

Good excuse to grab the camera for a 15 minute walk about campus…

For more pics, click here.

First Ever Snowman – At Wabash

So, it’s just before the Kenyon basketball game and, for some reason, I ventured outside the Allen Center for a quick look around. †Two of our guys were in the midst of trying to push a big snow ball down the steps behind Sparks. †To my amazement, it made it!

As we talked, I found out they were making their first-ever snowman. That’s one part physics, one part engineering, and one part fun. (We have the first and last one, for sure.) They completed their effort and, as it turned out, one of the taller Sphinx Club members came over and helped them top the snowman off.

Hope he’s still there tomorrow…