Last night the weather was nasty – cold, non-stop rain – a sinus infection kind of night. One of those evenings where a good book or movie and a fireplace combine for the perfect, restful evening. In the words of Lee Corso: “Not so fast, my friends!”

Instead, several faculty and staff members ventured out to feed well over 300 Wabash students, and a small number of their friends, the now classic Midnight Munch. There was Pat White serving the instantly-famous Presidential Pancakes. Gary and Alice Phillips making sure everyone had enough to eat. Lon Porter and his wife Maureen McColgin, Melissa Butler, organizer Mike Raters, Brent Harris, Coach Roberto Giannini, Rob Johnson, Tom Bambrey, Beth Swift, Steve Klein, Larry Griffith, Chad Westphal, Scott Crawford, Betsy Knott…and many, many more.

When “The Wave” started at a little after midnight I knew everyone was having a ball!

It’s one of those evening where you walk out to your car with a big grin on your face…it’s Wabash, it’s special, it’s for our students…and it’s the kind of event where that professor, who has been hard on you all semester, looks you straight on the eye and wishes you the best on tomorrow’s final. †All while putting a load of free pancakes on your plate.

I love this place!

For more photos, including the President at work, click here.

Photo: The main food line – we had three of them going!