I have had a couple of days to thaw out and reflect. Of course, it’s my nature to not want to lose at anything to anybody.  But I recognize that we faced an big challenge at Whitewater and that it would take a perfect game from the Little Giants AND some mistakes by the Warhawks.  None of that happened.

However, once again the Wabash family turned out in force, supported the team to the fullest, and drew great reviews from the opponents. The Whitewater fans couldn’t believe we beat them to the prime tailgate spots and they said that the Wabash fans were the loudest visitors they had seen. Of course, we heard exactly the same thing at Mt. Union a few years ago. Wabash Always Fights.

From the Grunge to all you Wabash crazies...THANKS! You cheered and froze and cheered and shivered and cheered…and you never gave up.  Then, you drove 8…9..10…hours to get home (some slept in cars), but all I heard is “wait until next year – we’ll get ’em!”