This happens a lot in sports at all levels. Two coaches get together and share their perspectives on the competing teams – strong points, areas to watch, standout personnel…the whole nine yards.

But this is a bit of a different twist. The coach on the left is Jay Fisher ’66, honorary coach for Wabash in the big game against Wittenberg on October 13, 2007. On the right is coach Heather Creighton, wife of head coach Chris Creighton and one of the honorary coaches (along with the other spouses of the football staff) for the game against Oberlin. Whatever Jay suggested may have helped – but then again Heather already had a good game plan.

When I ask Heather about her philosophy to start the game, she likes to throw it deep. She said it opens up the game and makes the defense think about getting hurt long…all day long.

Believe me, Heather Creighton knows football.