Betas At The Grand Canyon

In the photo:  Andy Burgess ’90, dudley Burgess ’64, Mike Fortier ’67, Matt Burgess ’92

This report in from Dudley Burgess ’64

“I do a bi-annual hike at the Grand Canyon. This year my sons, Andy ’90 and Matt ’92, were with me for a rim to rim hike. As we gathered at the North Rim, we ran into Mike Fortier ’67 who was there on vacation photographing the canyon. I’ve attached a couple of pictures.
I do this hike to stay in shape. Each year I guide different parties to the bottom of the canyon and out. I had 17 participants this year, including all of my sons and their wives. Judy was in the support crew that drove all our supplies from the North Rim To the South Rim. Only problem we had was they ran out of TWR before we got to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon. Fortunately, the mules brought in a fresh supply the next day.”

Photo: Mike Fortier ’67 sporting Wabash wear!