It’s called the “bleep” test. The athletes – in this case Wabash’s soccer team – run between two sets of cones. In the background is a series of bleeps that provide the tempo for the fitness test. The “bleeps” continue – faster and faster. Every so often the recorded voice of an English gentleman, who sounds like he’s relaxing in an easy chair, tells you what level you’ve achieved.

Two stories exist about the origin of the name. The first, since the test was developed in Europe, is that it’s simply named after the sound made by the recording. The other story is that it received it’s name after the first set of athletes went as far as they could and then were asked to describe the test. This morning? I’d say the second option is more realistic!

Photo: senior Gary Simkus leads the way as the seniors and team captains get into the “Bleep” part of the test.

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