The College provides a number of great opportunities for summer internships – on and off campus. I’ve visited several off-campus locations so I thought I would walk over to Hays Hall and check out the science effort. Wow – was I impressed.

I took the opportunity to stop by Prof. Eric Wetzel’s research lab in Hays Hall – a fantastic setup. I found Kyle Luth ’08, Ryan Waldon ’08, and Austin Kline ’09 had at it doing research on…well…something to do with parasites. (Please remember your humble servant is just a poor, dumb fighter pilot – they knew what they were working on and that’s what’s important!)

These guys are busy collecting specimens from all over the local area with trips as far away as Bloomington to find the right insects and parasites for their research.

Eric Wetzel provides them with some obvious expertise but also the one-on-one mentoring that you would expect at Wabash.

Photo: Ryan Waldon explains the different steps they are taking in the parasite research.