It Seems Like Yesterday

This picture was taken Friday evening at the Senior Send Off cookout sponsored by the Office of Annual Giving and the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men. I think the Class of 2007 t-shirts, supplied by board member Duane Hile ’67, were a big hit!

It seems like these guys arrives as freshmen just a couple of weeks ago. Surely 4 years have not flown by that quickly.

This morning, the skies are heavy – overcast an spitting rain. The Big Guy upstairs has our mood down pat.†We couldn’t wait for summer to get here and now it’s just too quiet…

The Class of 2007 will change the world, no doubt in my mind. But as we move forward, we’ll begin to recruit the Class of 2012…2012…now that number just doesn’t seem right…

New NAWM Board Leadership

As of May 13, 2007, Jim Dimos ’83 (r) will take over as president of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men (NAWM). Jim succeeds Jay Fisher ’66 who will remain on the board as the past president.

Mark Dewart ’74 (l) was elected vice president / president-elect and Greg Castanias ’87 was elected recorder.

With a new College strategic plan in the works, this will be a very important period for alumni leadership –  best of luck to Jim, Mark, and Greg!

Pre-Law Society Honors Jay Fisher '66

Senior Jesse James ’07 surprised outgoing NAWM board of directors president Jay Fisher ’66 at their meeting Friday when James presented Fisher with the Richard O. Ristine Award for his efforts in supporting Wabash’s Pre-Law Society.

Fisher was to have received the award at the Peck Dinner but the untimely death of his mother precluded his attendance. The surprise held, though, as Jay was genuinely moved by the honor.

Fisher was a leading advocate of strengthening the preparation of our young men for the finest law schools and those efforts, also led by NAWM board member and Wabash professor Scott Himsel ’85, have made a great deal of progress in a short amount of time.

Thanks to Jay and Scott and congratulations to Jay!

Pictured: Jay Fisher ’66, Jesse James ’07, and Scott Himsel ’85.

Getting Ready For Commencement

Our Campus Services team, technically employees of Sodexho, plays a vital role in making Wabash Commencement special. They are the ones who make sure the campus is beautiful with the grass groomed to PGA standards and the mulch expertly placed.

They also do the little things that you would notice only if they weren’t done right. For example, I found these two team members working on the Sanctuary of the Pioneer Chapel. Now, I am willing to bet that no one at Baccalaureate will note their work but the families involved will form tremendous, life-long memories of this important day.

It may not take a village, but it takes the entire campus community and everyone here enjoys making these sorts of events great in every way.

Gentlemen and Responsible Citizens

This just in from our Indianapolis area reporter, the ubiquitous Jon Pactor ’71


The scene: An environmental law class at IU Law School in Indianapolis.

The challenge: The scheduled professor develops a serious health problem that precludes his participation. The students had already paid their tuition, bought the books, and were ready for class.

The solution: Chris Braun ’81, partner at Plews Shadley Racher Braun, and his firm came to the rescue.

Chris helped lead the firm’s efforts to teach the class using lawyers from the firm specializing in each element of the curriculum. The firm simply took the curriculum and asked for volunteer experts in each segment. But the reach went beyond the firm as Chris and his team also called upon Judge Mike Keele ’78 and other area experts to teach a segment.



The easy answer would have been to reschedule the class for next semester. Chris and his firm, however, did what needed to be done…and did it right.

Wabash Always Fights!

The Day After

Evidently, there was a body found in the rubble, tentatively they have identified a missing Crawfordsville man as the likely victim.

Some have speculated the fire began in a meth lab located in the building. There’s no official word on what caused the blaze, however.

For more photos, click here.

Tommys Gone – Conflicting Injury Reports

Jim Amidon has already posted a great story and some photos of this morning’s fire. This photo shows what we all feared – Tommy’s, a Wabash fixture since around 1832 (or so), is gone.

There are conflicting reports on the possibilities of injury – one source stated no one was injured while another indicated there was at least one person killed and three missing. Let’s hope the first report was correct.

Another local source stated he had talked to the owner of Tommys and, though it’s way too early to decide, the owner stated there are no plans to replace the establishment.

Click here for my photo album.

"Baker" House – Full of Wabash History

To many of us on campus, this is the "Baker" house. Professor Don Baker and his family lived there many years ago. It sits right behind the Lilly Library and Caleb Mills House and right across the street from the Malcolm X Institute for Black Studies.

The home still serves the College – last year it several independent students called Baker House "home".

That’s like living off campus without living off campus, I think…

And, having a car breakdown is no excuse for missing a class!

Very quiet today…only a few students around campus. Can’t believe the school year is over, with only Commencement this weekend.

Justin Killian '03 To Serve On Clinton's Staff

This report just in from Justin Killian ’03:

"I am taking a brief leave of absence from the PhD program at the University of Minnesota. On April 20, I accepted a staff position with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign for President. Initially, I will be based in the Iowa offices, but I may be relocated to the other early primary/caucus states in the near future.

This was a hard decision to make on both a professional and personal level. Most of this process has been extremely surreal. In the end, I am very excited to be part of Senator Clinton’s historic run. I officially start my duties on May 8."

Good luck Justin!!!

The New TKE House

So…the old Sigma Chi house will finally go the way of Kingery and the lot will be used for a brand new TKE house.

The TKEs, who have shared their house with independent men for several years as membership has been a little on the low side, will finally get a place to call their own. Meanwhile, the old TKE house, which is receiving a minor facelift, has been designated for independent men.

The more things change, the more…