This just in from our Indianapolis area reporter, the ubiquitous Jon Pactor ’71


The scene: An environmental law class at IU Law School in Indianapolis.

The challenge: The scheduled professor develops a serious health problem that precludes his participation. The students had already paid their tuition, bought the books, and were ready for class.

The solution: Chris Braun ’81, partner at Plews Shadley Racher Braun, and his firm came to the rescue.

Chris helped lead the firm’s efforts to teach the class using lawyers from the firm specializing in each element of the curriculum. The firm simply took the curriculum and asked for volunteer experts in each segment. But the reach went beyond the firm as Chris and his team also called upon Judge Mike Keele ’78 and other area experts to teach a segment.



The easy answer would have been to reschedule the class for next semester. Chris and his firm, however, did what needed to be done…and did it right.

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