Dave Obergfell '70 – Serving Others

That’s Dallas-area alumnus Dave Obergfell ’70 on the day of his ordination as a Deacon this past June.

Dave updated me on his service: "I was ordained last June and have been assigned to an inner city hispanic church. I am now able to do short services in Spanish and some of the readings in Spanish. I also minister to the sick at the county hospital in English and Spanish. (at least say certain prayers in Spanish) So I am expanding this old brain. Maybe it will help me stay active in my later years."

Now that’s a liberal arts education at work!

Who Is Watching Whom?

OK. It’s Friday, the 13th so we need to take a light-hearted look today at the Wabash community. Of course, that community includes everyone here – we all play a role in this College. Some have big leadership roles – some, like me, play much smaller roles. It’s all for the greater good – it’s what we refer to as "common work."

Well, the squirrels on campus are certainly part of the community as well and they serve a purpose to be sure. They are also very accepting of human presence on campus – I suspect they see us as another food delivery service.

I was between Baxter Hall and Center Hall on the walkway looking for photo ops and spied this little guys watching me like a h—, no a Wabash squirrel.

He stayed right there as I took a few pictures…I think he expected me to leave some food behind.

Have a good weekend.

Phi Psi House – Nicely Done!

The renovation to the Phi Kappa Psi house is finished and it really looks great. I think the architects and Phi Psii alumni came up with a design and a set of upgrades that took a good facility and made it much better in every way.  It’s the Wabash "traditional but state-of-the-art" mix that makes this place special.

One young alumnus deserves a lion’s share of the thanks.  That’s our director of Annual Giving, Joe Klen ’97. Despite of a more than full time position at the College, Joe took care of hundreds of little details that made the house renovation go as smooth as possible.  Thanks Joe!  The place looks great.


New Kids on the Block

Pictured above is Todd Shellenbarger ’87 and his new son Thaddeus Fox Shellenbarger. Todd and his lovely wife Jennifer welcomed young Thad into the world on March 15th. Thad is the Class of 2029!

Davey Neal ’01 also reports he and his lovely wife Heather have a new baby daughter, Calleigh Clare Neal. born April 9th! Calleigh is pictured below. I think she looks just like her father!

The Campus Looks Great!

The Wabash campus always look great – no doubt. But it REALLY looks great as Commencement gets here and the trees, flowers, shrubs, etc. are in full bloom.

Of course, all of that doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a concerted effort by our friends in Campus Services, managed by Sodexho.

This picture makes it look easier than it really is. Last week they were working in 20 degree weather, with strong northern winds, in parkas and stocking caps.

A tip of the stocking cap to our friends and teammates in Campus Services – thanks for all you do for our Wabash!

That Wabash Hurdle

Some things just catch my eye. For reasons unknown, certainly to me.

I got a kick, sort of, out of the placement of the hurdles at the J. Owen Hunstman track the other day. Notice the hurdle with Wabash College on it is set higher than the other hurdle.

That only makes sense, in my mind. After our graduates have run the Wabash "educational" race here, they certainly feel like we’ve crossed hurdles higher than others. Now I guess we have some sort of semi-scientific* proof right here on our track.

* Semi-scientific – anything that sounds good, logical, and almost believable when stated.Used often by Runge in class.

The Wabash Family Is Very Important

The picture is of Ron and Carol Browning at Family Day in 2003. Ron and Carol always helped us with any and all Wabash Parents activities. Their son Beau graduated in 2005.

At this time of Passover and Easter, Ron and Carol need your thoughts and prayers. Carol’s battling lung cancer. She’s not a smoker, took great care of herself, etc., etc., etc. However, it is what it is and she’s in a tough fight. Her doctors have been amazed at her drive and determination and her ability to fight it.

She’s a great lady, Ron’s a great guy, and Beau’s in exactly the same category. The entire crew is "as Wabash" as you can get.

Please think of them this weekend. And add a little extra for someone we don’t know about but who needs help as well.

Wabash Club of Chicago Can Pick Those Dinner Spots!

That’s Maggianos in downtown Chicago. On North Clark Street. Site of the Wabash Club of Chicago dinner the other night. For the story and photos, click here.

The WCC turned out about 30 alumni and made sure each prospective student and their family had their every question answered. And, of course, Maggianos was the perfect place – no one leaves even a little hungry!

Great town, great food, energetic and enthusiastic alumni – a powerful combination!

Chicago Tonight

We’re off to Chicago this afternoon. Tonight is the annual Chicago Scholarship dinner at Maggianos downtown. In fact, not too far from where I took this picture last December.

The scholarship dinner is hosted by the Wabash Club of Chicago. They have developed a scholarship fund that is now large enough to provide partial scholarships for multiple students. The Club has been very supportive in their efforts not only to recruit students to Wabash but also in helping our graduates find employment in the area.

New Study Concept?

Wabash is one of those institutions that stresses the importance of academics above everything else at the College. After all, our goal is to offer these young men an opportunity to change the world once they graduate.

One process that promotes good study habits at Wabash is study tables – mandatory time set aside for guys to focus on their studies. Of course, when the weather gets soooooooo nice that the draw to being outside is sooooooo great, the study table magically evolves into…are you ready…Study Front Lawns!

Complete with comfortable leather arm chairs befitting the importance of study, these guys are showing you just how popular the concept has become.

Of course, there might just be another explanation – a beautiful Friday afternoon of Pan-Hel week….