It's a Small Wabash World – Again!

This report comes from Greg Castanias ’87 out in Washington, DC. Greg serves on the NAWM board of directors.


Last Wednesday, I had to run out of the office in the afternoon to get to an appointment in Northern Virginia. While I was in the car, I called Scott Medsker ’03, who is currently clerking for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Arlen Beam on the Eighth Circuit in Lincoln, Nebraska, to catch up on a few things. As I was talking to him (safely, of course, on my Bluetooth cell-phone earpiece), I exited the Capital Beltway onto the Little River Turnpike, where I found myself right behind another car with a "Wabash College Little Giants" license-plate frame. At the next stoplight, I pulled beside the car, motioned for the driver to roll down his window, and introduced myself to — Scott’s classmate, Aurpon Bhattacharya ’03, who is a management consultant with Grant Thornton. The classmates got to shout a quick hello to one another via me and my earpiece, and off we went.

Later that evening, I had the privilege of attending the Washington Wizards-Charlotte Bobcats game at Verizon Center back in downtown Washington, DC. Our guests for the game were former Attorney General John Ashcroft and his former deputy Kyle Sampson (who has been in the news himself a bit recently). The two could not have been more gracious or pleasant, and Attorney General Ashcroft spoke glowingly of his recent visit to speak at Wabash.