OK. It’s Friday, the 13th so we need to take a light-hearted look today at the Wabash community. Of course, that community includes everyone here – we all play a role in this College. Some have big leadership roles – some, like me, play much smaller roles. It’s all for the greater good – it’s what we refer to as "common work."

Well, the squirrels on campus are certainly part of the community as well and they serve a purpose to be sure. They are also very accepting of human presence on campus – I suspect they see us as another food delivery service.

I was between Baxter Hall and Center Hall on the walkway looking for photo ops and spied this little guys watching me like a h—, no a Wabash squirrel.

He stayed right there as I took a few pictures…I think he expected me to leave some food behind.

Have a good weekend.