The following is the text of an email sent to Ray LaDriere ’78, a member of the NAWM board of directors, from a Wabash friend:

"Funny the older I get the more I value the Wabash experience and particularly as I evaluate the college experience of the children of my colleagues. For whatever reason, Wabash gave a more fully rounded experience to most of us than kids seem to get today even at very highly regarded colleges and universities. Maybe it was the times, or the faculty, or the fact that many of us did not come from advantaged circumstances, or the fact Wabash was all male, but frankly I have not met anyone yet who had a better well rounded academic and educational experience than Wabash provided to us. We both received a great legal education but it was not, in retrospect, as life changing, at least in my case, as the Wabash experience. I look forward to helping a little and being a part of the college again."

Thanks Ray for sharing!