Henry Tucker, son of Mike Tucker ’93, is almost a normal, growing 5 year old. Except for one thing – he has cancer. Henry needs a bone marrow transplant. Thanks to the generosity of the Sphinx Club and Student Senate, any Wabash community member could be "typed" this afternoon at no personal cost. The normal cost is $52.00 a sample.

The fact that the students are funding it is enough for me to sit back and be very proud. But there’s more. I just returned from the Church where the testing is being conducted. It’s full. Even better, half of those present are Wabash students.

On a day when many could have headed home for Thanksgiving vacation just after that last class, many stuck around. They don’t need to know Henry or Mike or Henry’s mom. They just know a Wabash family needs their help. I’m awfully proud…

Regardless of how far from campus you may be this Thanskgiving, you can help Henry and every other family in need. For more information, call 1-800marrow2 or see www.marrow.org.