Friday Evening’s Elizabella Ball, at the Indiana Roof ballroom, took its cue from the hit reality show "Dancing with the Stars". The event was a fund-raiser for St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Agency.

Four couples competed…but that’s only the beginning. One of the couples featured the light-footed Steve Campbell ’92, deputy mayor of Indianapolis and board member of the National Association of Wabash Men. Steve teamed with Tina Gugenheim. Their performance was billed as the "most daring"…

The winning couple included Katy Fineman, a dance teacher and coach of the IUPUI "Swing Cats" and our own Father Pat Beidelman ’94, whose competition outfit included a Roman Collar.

Of course, Wabash won. And this might give a new meaning to the value of a liberal arts education! I don’t see a motto change to "Wabash Always Dances", though.

Congrats Steve and Father Pat!