In a way, I’m pretty lucky. I get a chance to watch, from a distance, as each Wabash Magazine issue comes together. At deadline time I watch as the midnight oil burns in Steve Charles’ office (that’s him sitting at his desk on the second floor of Wabash’s Kane House).

I also see the magazines of many other schools like ours. I am here to tell you that nobody…nobody has a better magazine than we do. The combination of articles and photography simply isn’t equaled.

Of course, Steve is part of a very talented staff who provide lots of effort and support – Jim Amidon ’87, Howard Hewitt, Brent Harris and Karen Handley. A pro team all around.

But the magazine is Steve’s baby and it’s spot on. Steve is a gifted writer and talented photographer. But even more? Steve absolutely loves what he does and takes great pride in every detail. He also loves our Wabash College.

I’m glad Steve’s on our team…and I know you are as well.