During every Big Bash weekend, the Pioneer Chapel is seldom empty. Virtually every alumnus back swings through for a few brief moments. I am sure there are many reasons for the short-but-important visits. I also know that the timeless nature of the Chapel is always a reason.

Our guys come back, as I did for many years, to make sure “their” Wabash is still here. They want reassurance that the best parts of Wabash are unchanged. But they also want to see the Allen Center, the new fraternities, the many upgrades all around campus. The reason for these two seemingly dissimilar feelings is simple – we love Wabash and we want to retain the rich tradition while keeping Wabash on the cutting edge.

That’s where all of us come in.

We were able to get a great education here because a number of alumni who came before us kept Wabash strong, vibrant, and free from outside influence. It’s now our turn. The Wabash spirit includes a desire and commitment to make sure Wabash today is better than yesterday and tomorrow it will be even better.

You can do that by making a gift, any gift, to our Annual Fund. And, in the process, you’ll be helping every young Wabash man on campus. The fiscal year ends on June 30th

A strong, vibrant, and free Wabash. Every gift counts. I’m in. Please, if you haven’t yet, make your gift today.

To do your part, click here.

Photo: Twilight Friday evening of the Big Bash.