Big Bash 2006 – June 2-4, 2006…

What it isn’t.  The Big Bash isn’t Comps.  It isn’t mandatory study tables or 5:00 AM workouts.  It isn’t pledgeship.  It isn’t a green leg or wearing a pot around. It isn’t a "W" haircut. It isn’t another paper or test. The Big Bash isn’t a fund-raising drive or a get-together for the donors of a class.

What it is.  The Big Bash is a weekend to return to campus and relive old memories and rekindle friendships.  It’s a weekend of enough activity to make it interesting but enough free time to make it your weekend, in any way you want.  It is a Chapel Sing – without hair loss consequences.  

Our only goal for the weekend is to have you come back to the campus and enjoy yourself in the company of Wabash family and friends.  

I sure hope I’ll see you here.