DePauw brought their cheerleaders, their pep band, flags, dressed-for-success co-eds…the whole nine yards. They tried but they just couldn’t compete with our green legged, pot wearing, offensive line-like Sphinx Club pledges.

DePauw’s cheerleaders did "T…I…G…E…R…S" – our guys countered with "Wabash Always Fights!" DePauw’s talented group formed human pyramids – our pledges counted with jiggling excess body fat as their team took a free throw. DePauw flipped a cheerleader high into the air – our pledges picked a little guy and sent him skyward…and caught him! (No 911 call needed)

As predicted, the Monon Bell did make an appearance – but for some reason was relegated to the Bowerman Lobby. It didn’t matter as the Bell rang during warm-ups and at all the right moments.

It’s been awhile since Wabash beat DePauw in basketball – it felt good! Let’s make it a habit!