The following is part of an e-mail from a good friend in the Class of 1977:

"The magazine is great on so many levels: the articles are interesting and well-written- as we would expect from liberally educated authors, the layouts are compelling and draw you in, the content draws on our legacy and shared history and yet still manages to be forward focused, there is a great mix of themes and good balance in the mix of articles involving alumni/faculty/staff/administration/Andy Ford/NAWM/Wabash Board/students, good balance in the academics/sports/campus activities mix-the list of superlatives is long. The magazine is a great reflection on the college and the men and women who make up the Wabash community. Long live the Grunge report !

And yes, the David Hadley article is the immediate catalyst driving me to write this letter-good to read about your continuing commitment to educate and make a difference in peoples’ lives, David.

Thank you, Staffers and Editors, for the quality of the effort that evidently goes into the production of the mag- it connects me to a community that is very important to me."


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