"Huge Loss" is how one of Wabash’s emeritus legends described to me David Timmerman’s departure to become Dean of the Faculty at Monmouth College.  Monmouth’s president, Wabash alumnus and former Dean of the Wabash Faculty, Mauri Ditzler ’75, would probably say "Huge gain" for Monmouth.

Both are true.

Mauri has been quite a change agent at Monmouth and I sense the addition of David Timmerman is just another step in what they describe as their "upward trajectory".

David’s fingerprints are all over a host of good things happening at Wabash.  We wish David and Polly the absolute best and take pride in the fact that Monmouth’s search came again to Wabash College.

And we’ll set about finding the next great member of the Wabash Speech/Rhetoric faculty to join the ranks of Brigance, Powell, O’Rourke…and Timmerman.  "It won’t be easy but it will be worth it".