Wabash Alumni Help Make Freshman Saturday Special

By now you’ve seen the coverage on the web site of Freshman Saturday and know that Greg Castanias ’87, vice president and president-elect of the alumni board, served as part of the official welcoming ceremony for our Class of 2013.

Many other alumni were also on campus.

As you might imagine, my good friend Jon Pactor ’71 was everywhere.  Welcoming freshman of all kinds especially those pledging the TKE house. (I think he actually lives over there!)

Craig Green ’59 and Greg Miller ’83, as representatives of the Sugar Creek Association of Wabash Men, passed out t-shirts to all the new freshmen.

At the Beta House, several alumni kept the tradition of Beta alumni cooking burgers for the new pledges and their families.  From the looks of it, there was also some pretty deep philosophical discussions as well.  Pictured: Jim Engledow ’78, Jack Wyatt ’58, Mel Machuka ’66, Ron Nichols ’64, and Sam Hildebrand ’61.

Does it matter?  You bet.  One lady, who was sending her fifth grandchild off to college, remarked that she had made every trip.  "No one is more welcoming than Wabash" she said.