Wabash Vs. Witt – Another Classic Battle

If you’re thinking basketball game, forget it.  Wabash 68 – Witt 43.  Wabash played great basketball from the start.

No, the classic battle, at halftime, came down to the Sphinx Club Rhyne’s versus the Butler Dance Team.  In a match up like this, there are no losers – everyone wins.  It probably will air on ESPN at some point in the future.

The guys went first – grace, style, flowing moves?  Nope.   Raw talent?   Maybe a weeeeee bit. Magnetic performance and personality?  Yep – over the top!  They almost brought tears to my eyes – they definitely entertained the young ladies from Butler.

The Butler Dance Team took the floor next and the crowd quieted and the students in Chadwick really started concentrating.  Beauty and talent?  You bet.  Athletic moves?  Yep.  Did I mention beauty?  Yep.

Result – Tied and going to overtime!!!

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