Several years ago, there was a young, local man attending Wabash. He wasn’t the greatest student in the world, according to his report. His family was placed in a position where they simply could not afford to continue sending him to Wabash.

Faced with dropping out unless someone came to his rescue, he made an appointment with the Dean…Dean Moore.

The young man summoned up the courage to ask for a scholarship. Dean Moore gave the young man quite a stare, chuckled, and said something like: “Scholarship? Have you seen your grades?” The young man replied he knew his grades weren’t the best but he explained that, without some financial help, he’d have to drop out of Wabash.

Dean Moore asked: “How much do you need to stay here?” The young man told him. Dean Moore said: “Well, if you can keep a ‘C’ average, we’ll make sure you can stay at Wabash.” End of conversation.

The generosity of Wabash alumni made staying at Wabash possible for that young Crawfordsville man those many years ago. Next year, I’ll bet another young man, from near or far, will need the same help. In fact, I’ll bet there will be several.

It’s our turn to make sure the College has the capability to do this for other young men. Your annual gift, large or small, helps. If you haven’t yet made a gift, please do so. Click here to make a gift on-line.

BTW: that is a true story…I was there.