When alumni return to campus after long periods away, they often comment on the many things that have changed and the things that have, to their comfort, remained timeless. The Chapel is one…the Mall is another…Forest Hall still another. Many would put the Sparks Center, Scarlet Inn, and Bookstore in that category as well. They feel good and at home when returning to those places.

And any talk of the timeless, reassuring nature of the Wabash Bookstore automatically turns to the face of the Bookstore for many generations of Wabash families – Mike Bachner ’70.

Yesterday, Mike passed away from a sudden heart attack. There simply are not any words. None.

We miss him already. He loved Wabash so much and made it his personal task in life to keep 100% of our alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff happy. He came awfully close.

In the same way I can still hear my mother’s voice, I can hear Mike’s. Especially when he used to say: "Hey Runge…" That meant I had probably made some sort of bad move. But the smile – that smile told me it was OK in the grand scheme of things. He knew the real meaning of life, I believe, and it went far beyond bio books and sweatshirts.

Please keep Patricia and their daughters in your thoughts and prayers.