Met last evening with five local alumni leaders in San Marcos, TX – Ron Brown ’67, Jim Braddock ’73, Dave Powell ’81, Kris Monson ’98, and Mark Cevallos ’99. We discussed regional association events and activities for the San Antonio, San Marcos, and Austin areas. Stay tuned for more. Despite the distance challenges between those areas, these guys want to help you build an active group in the area.

We ate in the Hill Country Grill which used to be the San Marco Bank and Trust. Our private room was indeed one of the old bank vaults. In the early 1900s this bank was robbed by the Newton Gang. They put so much nitro in and on a safe that it blew the safe and contents out into the street!

The bank was also featured in the 1972 movie the "Getaway" with Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw.

That’s Ron on the left and Kris on the right and one of those safes in the background. Good food, by the way!