Fran Hollett H’85 (l) and Ginny Hays H’37, two legendary figures at Wabash, will be inducted into the Wabash Athletics Hall of Fame this coming November.

Where do you start to describe them?  Fran and Ginny love Wabash deeply, have cheered on the Little Giants in virtually every sport, and have demonstrated to everyone around how tight-knit the Wabash community is.

Those of us at Wabash know the ultimate compliment you can give someone is to say one is "Some Little Giant."  In this case, these ladies are Giants among Little Giants.

Barney, Fran’s late husband, is already in the Hall of Fame.  Will, Ginny’s late husband, will be inducted in November along with Ginny.  It will be an evening not to be missed.  Stayed tuned for details!